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Branding Salon connects and inspires creative professionals around the world who collaborate to launch brands big and small:

  • Brand consultants
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Work for yourself. Not by yourself.

Life is full of hard choices. Work is full of even more. We are constantly balancing our options, weighing the cost to our family, our clients, and our employers?

When you decide that the race to the top of the corporate ladder is not worth the cost, what options do you have for crafting a fulfilling creative career?

A growing number of us are choosing to go freelance. But that path can be isolating, intimidating and professionally unfulfilling, as we face an unknown future of virtually uncharted territory. We work on smaller projects. And when business is at its best, the work can be overwhelming and with no relief in sight.

A better approach

With Branding Salon, you define the projects you want to be part of, and showcase the talents of your favorite collaborators. Combine that with supercharged internet marketing tactics. And there is no limit to what you can create.

Branding Salon empowers you to build your own virtual agency. The result is the career you crave.

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